New Year’s Resolution: Get a Dental Check-up and Cleaning!

In Dental Health by Dr. Mathew Palmer

January is the month most of us make new year’s resolutions, many of which are linked to our physical wellbeing. Weight loss, healthier eating, exercise and quitting smoking are all popular goals to pursue, but it’s important not neglect your teeth too.

It may not be the check-up that everybody looks forward to, but it is one of the most crucial. If you have been wondering why you need to have such regular dental check-ups and cleanings, here are some reasons why you should prioritize your dental health this year.

Why you should get checked regularly

Detect signs of mouth cancer

This is one of the fundamental things that your dentist does in every examination. Dentists analyze symptoms of mouth, head and neck cancer. To do so, they inspect your head or neck for any lumps. They also see if there are any red or white places in your mouth. Such checks typically won’t find anything abnormal, but they have the potential to save your life.

Prevent gum disease

Not only can dentists solve issues; they can also stop them from occurring. This includes the beginnings of gum diseases and dental decay. It is essential to see your dentist regularly in order to catch things early before they become a problem. It can take a lot to treat gum disease if it is allowed to develop. That’s why regular teeth cleaning is so crucial to preventing gingivitis before it gets out of control.

Manage bad habits

Patients who smoke, clench their jaws, grind their teeth, eat lots of candy, drink coffee, red wine or brush their teeth too hard will also benefit from a check-up. Your dental professional will help inform patients about how dangerous these habits are and suggest ways to address them.

Provide tailored advice

The internet is a great place to get general advice on any health issue. But it will not always have an answer for your specific circumstances. By seeing your dental professional regularly, you can build a relationship that will help them give you tailor advice for your needs.

What to expect at a dental check-up?

A dental check-up normally has two stages – the check-up itself, and a teeth cleaning.


Your dental professional will search for cavities. X-rays may be used to spot cavities between your teeth. The test will also include checking for plaque and tartar. Plaque is a sticky, translucent coating of bacteria that is particularly important to clean off. If it isn’t removed, it can toughen and turn into tartar. which is impossible to clean off without professional help. If plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, it can lead very quickly to tooth decay.

The next step is to check your gums. A special tool will be used to assess the length of the spaces around your teeth and gums. If the spaces are shallow, this is a sign of healthy gums. When individuals are infected with gum disease however, spaces however can expand.

Your dental professional will also conduct a head and neck exam to check for anything abnormal.  They might even investigate the movement of your lower jaw joints as well as your face, bite and even saliva.


The dentist or dental hygienist will conduct a teeth cleaning and stress the importance of keeping good oral hygiene at home. ⠀Particular attention is paid to tartar and plaque, as these can build up very quickly if left unaddressed. Food, drinks, and tobacco also can stain teeth. Plaque will harden in tartar and begin to aggravate gums if not removed. It can also lead to gum disease if untreated.

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We suggest that a regular dental visit be scheduled at least twice a year. You might not think you’re doing yourself a disservice by missing your dental appointments, but oral issues can evolve extremely quickly, and they can be very easy to miss. Regular visits can keep your dental health in optimal shape for the long haul. To book a check-up with us, contact us today!